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Kanuku Tours customizes tour packages for all of their clients. A popular package is our 12 day package (click for more info)

Below are only a few of  some typical locations visitors are interested in experiencing.





  • Depart Kanuku Suites for 10min drive to Ogle Aerodrome, where you will depart by plane for an hour’s flight to Kaieteur Falls
  • Upon arriving you will then trek to various locations to view the falls and along the way see the rare flora and fauna of the national park, including the rare Cock-of –the-Rock, the tiny Golden Frog, the Giant Tank Bromelaids
  • After spending about two hours at Kaieteur, you then depart for Orinduik Falls.
  • At Orinduik, lunch is served.
  • View the Pakaraimas mountain ranges and bathe in the falls.
  • Depart for Kanuku Suites, Georgetown


day trip to the county of berbice

  • View the construction of the new bridge
  • See the town of New Amsterdam
  • Drive over the Canjie Bridge
  • Drive to Courantyne
  • On the way back to Georgetown stop and frolic at 63 Beach




rupunni rodeo

  • Depart Kanuku Suites, Georgetown on a 14 hour drive thru the Rainforest of Guyana and over the many rivers and creeks that make Guyana “the land of many waters”.  Upon arriving you’ll check into the resort/hotel
  • The following day you’ll take a bus ride to Boa Vista (Brazil) to view interesting sites.  You return the same day and head over to the Rodeo for some wild excitement and  where you’ll enjoy the social activities and food and beverages of the local community.
  • The next day



  • Depart Kanuku Suites, Georgetown on an hour’s drive to the Parika Stelling where you will embark on an open power boat to Supernaam located on the eastern bank of the Essequibo River.  Upon arrival at the stelling, you will board a bus for a three hour drive to the Amerindian village of Moruca.  Before arriving at Moruca, you will have to board another boat at Charity
  • After overnighting in the Moruca village you depart in the morning for Shell Beach via the Waini River
  • Upon arriving at Shell Beach, you will relax for the rest of the day to prepare yourself for the night exploration of four of the giant sea turtles found in Guyana: the Giant Leatherback, the Hawksbill, the Olive Ridley and the Green Turtle.
  • In the morning you’ll arise with the signing of birds. After having breakfast, you will depart for Mabaruma. Here you will enjoy the flora and fauna
  • The next day you return to Kanuku Suites in Georgetown.



  • An adrenaline packed 10 hour trips, along the pristine coastlines of Guyana on the hunt for some of the best game fish Guyana has to offer. Species to be targeted includes but not limited to - Tarpon, Grouper, Bullshark, Snook, Snapper, Saltwater Cats, Amber jacks. Our 52ft Sportline cruiser has more than enough space to comfortably handle 10 anglers at a time. Our vessel is also available for corporate events, romantic dinners at sea, and sunset cruises.


Categories of Tours you may be interested in experiencing or exploring:

  • Sports (seasonal):
    • Bartica Regata,
    • 20/20 Cricket,
    • Kashif & Shanghai Football
    • Lethem Rodeo,
    • Rockstone Fishing Competition
  • Cultural: visiting Amerindian villages, Mashramani (seasonal – February 23rd), Diwali Motorcade  (seasonal)
  • Miscellaneous:  Easter
  • Adventure:  Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Water rafting, Mountain Climbing
  • Mountain/Rock Climbing:  Kaeiteur Falls, Roriama, Kanuku Mountains
  • Eco-Tourism: nature trails, bird watching, observing flora and fauna, visit nature reserves