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6 or 9 days fishing the Mighty Essequibo River of Guyana. Our luxury mobile explorer camps move every two days to a new location up or down river to ensure we cover the maximum amount of this pristine water system on your trip.

The fishing on the Essequibo is some of the best Guyana has to offer, From colossal catfish to the most elusive on a lure the Amazon wolf fish. We regularly catch in excess of 28 different species on this trip. Just a few species to expect: Lau Lau. Redtail Catfish, Jau, Tigerfish Catfish, Leopard catfish, Peacock Bass, Pacu, Piranha, Wolf fish, Payara and the holy grail of fresh water fish the ARAPAIMA GIGA Arapaima, Yes Arapaima!!!! on either Lure, Fly or Cut bait, we will make sure that you get one of the biggest fresh water fishes in the world.

Our Luxury camps has ICE COLD beer 24 hours a day and only the best food is served to our clients.

Contact us today for more information about this Extreme fishing adventure.

Do yo have less time, or need more time on the river? We can offer you a tailored made package to suit your individual needs.



  1. Mighty Essequibo Mobile Explorer