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Kanuku Tours is proud to introduce their all new fly-in 'Pirarucu Explorer Camp Trips’ in beautiful Guyana for the upcoming season.We will be searching for Arapaimas in the many lakes and ponds in this unspoilt area. The Holy Grail of all Amazonian fish, the Giant Arapaima that can be caught on big streamer flies, lures, live and dead bait.

There are also hard-fighting ‘Yellow’ and ‘Barred’ Peacock Bass, tough prehistoric-looking Hymara or Wolf Fish, slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish, Pike-like Bicuda, Monkey Fish/Arowana, Giant Black Piranhas and Coby/Pescada.

MONSTER Cats dwell here in the depths and all can be caught on cutbait, livebait or whole dead fish.  Surubim or Shovel-nosed Tiger Cats, Leopard or Jundia Cats, Redtails, Jau and the King of all our Cats, the Giant Freshwater Shark/Lau-lau /Piraiba.

At camp, the food will be in typical South African style with succulent BBQ'd meats, roasts, homemade breads, veg etc for dinners and fresh fruits, eggs, bacon, sausages and cereals for breakfasts. And of course there will be a constant supply of ICE COLD BEERS and beverages

To catch a 'RIVER MONSTER' of your own please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.